Saving Capability Book 2 of the Whitehorse Chronicles

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Part II of the Whitehorse Chronicles, Saving Capability, takes place in the depths of the Great Decline in 2508. It is a tale of intrigue and adventure set in a time when the effects of climate change and fossil fuel depletion have reached a climax.

Saving Capability is the second book in the Whitehorse Chronicles. After Amy and Cap return from the James Expedition, they settle into a domestic life at Mile 1019, Cap’s hometown in the Valleys. When Cap is drafted into a military mission to defend the mining communities north of Great Slave Lake, he is unknowingly lands into an elaborate plot by the Confederates to steal propriety knowledge of the Valley’s walking machines. Amy and Leon James set out on a treacherous overland journey to locate and free Cap. Before they begin their travels, Celebric 67 and Memory 97, the conscious AI machines, from the first adventure give Amy the means to use her defense servo-bots as avatars. When Leon is wounded in a Suncoran ambush, Amy continues to the Great Slave Lake region on her own and battles to free Cap from his captor’s clutches.

About the Author:

“I have tried to write the White Horse Chronicles as a realistic scenario based on climate-change research. Since I began writing this series of stories, advances in the ongoing research on climate-change and the response of governments and industry to these findings have continued to convince me that societies will have a difficult time preventing its full effects and coping with its impacts.”

Harvey Quamme is a retired agriculture research scientist from British Columbia. He has published several award-winning research papers in The American Journal of Horticultural Science and the Journal of Canadian Society of Plant Science and received the Wilder Medal from the American Society Of Pomology for lifetime achievement in the fields of cold hardiness research and fruit variety development. He has published extensive research on the impact of weather and climate change on fruit production in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. This is his second novel in Whitehorse Chronicles about the lives of Amy and Cap and their friends in the post-climate change society.

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