How Much Money Can I Make?

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Finally, a book that unlocks the realities of owning a small business in Canada!

How Much Money Can I Make? is so much more than the title implies. Not only will you learn how much money you are likely to earn (or lose), you will also discover what it’s really like being a small business owner, and how to crush your competition at the same time!

Readers will find this book unique as it is a hybrid between a “how to” book and a “reference manual”. It includes proven management techniques and 100 income statements covering the majority of Canadian small businesses.

If you already own a small business or are considering self-employment in Canada, then this book is for you.

From security systems to swimming pools, Tim Young has owned and operated more than a dozen vastly different business ventures over the last 35 years. Eight of these have been successful. Tim has earned (and lost) hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes mistakes were made, and How Much Money Can I Make? will teach you how to avoid them.

This straight-talking book answers the following questions and many more:

• How Much Money Can I Really Make?
• How Is My Business Doing and What Can I Do To Make It More Profitable?
• What Is My Business Really Worth?
• What’s It Like Owning a Small Business In Canada?

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  1. “At last, here is a practical how-to book on small business ownership. Just as the title makes clear, How Much Money Can I Make? is a no-nonsense guide filled with indispensable advice for owners of small businesses, and all others who aspire to become SBOs or entrepreneurs. Your research may very well start . . . and end . . . right here!”
    James Osborne, author and former vice-president, Bell Canada

  2. “Tim Young has combined his passion, experience and extensive research of small business into this comprehensive book that can ensure your business success. Want to succeed – read this book!”
    Keith Critchley, former President and Board Chairman, DirectWest Publishers Ltd.

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