The Cascadian Mission Book 3 of the Whitehorse Chronicles

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Set during the depths of the Great Decline (2314 C.E.), The Cascadian Mission is the final book of the Whitehorse Chronicles.

Set during the depths of the Great Decline (2314 C.E.), The Cascadian Mission is the final book of the Whitehorse Chronicles. North American society has fragmented as a result of climate change and resource depletion. The Valley government (formerly the Yukon) enlists Amy Brown, Cap Ironshank and Joe Otter to accompany Leon James, the chief envoy, to San Francisco on a mission to discuss boundary and trade issues with the government of Cascadia (formerly the west coast of United States and part of Canada).

The mission is shipwrecked near Prince Rupert and Amy is separated from the main party. Her struggle to re-join her colleagues involves some fascinating encounters with a colourful cast of characters. Meanwhile, on the way to San Francisco, a mysterious woman representing a revolutionary faction within Cascadia approaches Cap with an important proposal. This meeting and subsequent Confederate-Cascadian intrigue put the delegation in danger. Cap must find Amy and then carry information that is crucial to Valley survival back to Whitehorse.

Harvey Quamme: “The heroines and heroes of my stories are exemplary citizens of the future who make super-human efforts to save their societies. But the time when people need to make heroic efforts to keep our planet an inhabitable and beautiful place is NOW. We must do so, as we have no other home. In writing this trilogy I have tried to present stories based on projected impacts of climage change from the latest scientific findings. The geography and geology are real.”

Harvey Quamme is a a retired agriculture research scientist. He has published a number of award winning scientific papers in the American Journal of Horticultural Science and in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science and received the Wilder Medal from the AmericanSociety of Pomology for lifetime achievement in in the fields of fruit production and breeding. His research included the impact of weather and climate change on fruit production in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. This is his third novel in the series, Whitehorse Chronicles, following The James Expedition and Saving Capability.

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