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If your book(s) are fully produced and ready to ship from your home supply, you are welcome to submit a title using the Join Us form on this page (below). You will submit a copy of your book manuscript (in PDF form) and your book cover (in PDF or JPEG form). All books should be professionally edited and contain the elements of a traditionally published book (ISBN, copyright page, title page, etc).

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Direct From The Author: the Canadian Self-Publisher's bookstore

Welcome to the Canadian independent authors’ bookstore!

Direct From The Author (DFTA) is a place for Canadian independent authors to sell their books directly to customers worldwide. We have two competitive advantages: our authors are their own distributors and we are an active book marketing community that connects weekly with suggested marketing activities. Our goal is to become top of mind when consumers buy Canadian books.

Here’s how it works. Authors submit their books and when approved (usually within 24 hours), they upload titles to the store using our custom, interactive ‘add-book’ form (which has been designed to accommodate all levels of computer users). During the process, authors upload a digital copy of their front cover as well as write a description, and add price and shipping details (with our help). Up to five sample pages can be added to the book listing (such as a sample of the writing). We handle the administration of each sale (secure credit card processing, etc) and support the continued marketing efforts of our authors via interactive coaching. DFTA authors should anticipate minimum weekly coaching sessions via email with team marketing activities to implement following the session (creating links with team members, etc). All of this instruction is provided in step by step notes.

Authors package and ship orders to customers from their personal inventory of books within 24 hours of notification of a sale. Both printed books and digital books are sold on the site; digital books (ebooks) can either be sent out by the author or handled automatically by our system. This author-based approach keeps costs down and profits up, and we like that the author is involved in the process. The really good news? Authors keep 80% of each transaction and don’t pay to join us. We send money to our authors, not the other way around; we get paid when the author generates revenue. Authors are also able to sell books to public libraries, commercial book buyers and retail bookstores at wholesale rates using our simple ‘coupon code’ system.

Quality control. As part of the application process, authors submit their manuscripts (in PDF form) to our administrator who then checks it to ensure that it meets our standards. We are building a community of authors who are committed to their publishing goals and do not accept books that wouldn’t look good on the shelf of a local bookstore. This is a wholly subjective test undertaken by our administrator. Authors who have taken the step of having their work professionally edited will typically meet our criteria. Should a book not meet our criteria we may make recommendations such as hiring a professional cover designer or editor.

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FAQs about Direct From The Author

“Who can join?”

Canadian authors are eligible to join DFTA if they are legally allowed to sell their work (ie: they are the copyright holders) and meet our quality standards. Both self-publishing and traditionally published authors are welcome. If a book is for sale posthumously, copyright holders may make it for sale as ‘estate of’, or ‘family of’ the author.

“What kind of books do you sell? Printed books or e-books?”

Both. We sell paperbacks, hard cover books, and ebooks (kindle, epub, PDF). Authors can add value to their sales by offering autographed copies, either for free or for the rate of their choice.

Ebooks are delivered automatically by the system upon completion of a sale, and printed books are shipped by the author within 24 hours of receiving notice of the sale.

“How do I get my books into the store?”

Authors fill out a simple form for each book title. DFTA reviews the submission. Books ineligible for public sale will not appear on the public site until they reach our specifications; these books can be sold to customers via a direct link provided by the author in their marketing materials.

“Is someone monitoring the quality of the books?”

Yes. We are building a quality bookstore. We review each submission to ensure that it meets our legal and visual standards. We may recommend specific revisions (such as cover design) and/or invite the author to sell their book privately without public viewing. In this situation, authors send a direct link to their book when they market it. We make every effort to support Canadian authors and encourage them to produce their best work.

We deny any material that may not comply with Criminal Code of Canada hate propaganda laws. Authors using the service confirm compliance with the Criminal Code of Canada and are solely responsible for the content of their works.

“What does it cost me to sell a book?”

There is no charge until the author generates revenue. When a book sells, authors receive 80% of the selling price as well as the full shipping amount paid by the customer; DFTA receives 20%. The author is paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) upon reaching $50 revenue.

“What do I do when orders come in?”

When a book sells, the author receives email notification including the customer’s shipping address. The author packages the order into an envelope, applies the pre-determined value of pre-paid postage, and pops it into the mail within 24 hours. Authors using DFTA need to commit to shipping within 24 hours.

“What is a book marketing coach?”

DFTA regularly provides members with book marketing activities via internal communication (emails, newsletters, specialized groups, etc). Most authors realize that listing a book for sale on a site does not equate to selling it. Authors must continue to actively market their books in order to find the success they are looking for. We help by connecting each other and improving the profile of the community as well as providing specific marketing tasks for participating authors to implement on their own.  Here’s a link to a sample newsletter.

Whether an author is traditionally published or self-published, marketing is an unavoidable aspect of being an author. But not every author is a marketing guru. We will coach you toward book marketing success.

“What if I need help?”

Direct From The Author has a resource centre that is growing daily. Visit our DFTA Insider’s Guide to learn more about publishing and self-publishing or our Publishing Services Directory to connect with industry professionals who can help. We also have links to Publishing Industry Contacts.

Here’s a link to some FAQs about self-publishing.

Please share us with your social networks and invite service providers, industry associations and authors to connect in. Feel free to contact our administrator directly.