Direct From The Author backgrounder...

We have participated in the rapidly changing publishing industry since the early days of self-publishing (2003). Having worked directly with dozens of passionate self-publishers, we understand that the challenge isn’t really in publishing a book; the challenge, really, is in selling it.  

“Why don’t I just list my book on Amazon….”

It is true that anyone can sell books on Amazon, but listing a book on Amazon is not a marketing plan; it is a destination where you can send your customers. It remains the author’s responsibility to market their books. We encourage authors to take home 100% of the proceeds by directing customers to purchase books from themselves, not from a big international firm. 

“How is your service any different?”

Here is how we are different:


Authors act as their own book distributors. They store their books in the security of their home and know the product they are selling (some of the major online sellers print one-off books from whichever printer is closest to the customer). With self-distribution, authors do not send books out to book distributors, which saves warehousing expenses (charged by some book distributors), as well as the cost of lost or damaged books.

Marketing Support

Rather than being listed alongside an endless variety and number of other sellers, Direct From The Author  is grouping together a quality author community featuring exclusively Canadian books. When someone asks an author, ‘Where can I buy your book?’, we think that the answer ‘Direct From The Author‘ is pretty easy to remember. Our list of authors is growing, and with each author directing customers to buy Direct From The Author, we are creating a ‘team marketing’ environment, with an exponentially increasing audience of readers.

Author is in Control

This benefit may not seem like such a big deal off the top, but authors who have been working the ropes for a few years will tell you that there is something pretty wonderful about knowing exactly what you’ve sold, and to whom. One of the stories that motivated the development of our service came from an author with three titles on Amazon. The books were listed by the package company that she had used, and she didn’t even know that they had converted her book into an e-book and posted it for sale all over the world. The royalty statements that she received showed no item cost or quantity of books sold. She received one royalty cheque for about $11, and several others for minor amounts, without knowing the selling price of the books (which she had no control over), which titles had sold, when they had sold, or to whom. Our system puts the control into the hands of the author.


Direct From The Author charges a $49.00 listing fee and the author retains 100% of book sales. The author is in complete control of each sale.

No exclusivity

We encourage authors to use this service as their primary marketing tool but do not demand it.